Detailed explanation of what the maintenance plans offer:

Website Security:

A firewall is setup for your site: This will block most malicious code and attacks.

Automatic Brute-force Ban: Several failed login attempts will temporarily block attacker.

Software Vulnerability Monitoring: The server, PHP, WordPress core, plugins, and themes are continuously scanned for known vulnerabilities.

Real time Uptime Monitoring: The website is checked every 60 seconds for connectivity and response time. This information is added to weekly reports. You can also receive alerts if the site is down for any amount of time.

reCAPTCHA: Before a user can login, signup, or comment, the action can be secured with a reCAPTCHA test before access. This virtually stops malicious bots from misusing your site.

Two Factor Authentication: Further secure your logins with two factor authentication (2FA). This uses a smartphone app which generates a second code to then input on the WordPress login page.


If you don’t have a full time/in house WordPress professional, TechieTasks are quite helpful. Even though they are limited to thirty minutes each,
and may not be combined for larger projects, thirty minutes covers most common scenarios.

Things such as:

  • Theme/Plugin installation, configuration, or removal.
  • CSS changes such as, font changes, background/foreground, link appearance, button styling, and content spacing to name a few.
  • Troubleshooting broken configurations, misbehaving plugins, or things not showing up where they should.
  • One-off maintenance items like broken links needing redirection, database cleanup, re-configuring link structures, etc.
  • Theme edits, such as custom templates, footer fixes, adding widgets, tweaking formatting, and more.
  • I can act as a third party liaison, translating jargon into actions.

TechieTasks per plan:

  • Sprout – 1 per month
  • Shrub – 5 per month
  • Oak – 10 per month


Local (on server) backups of your themes, plugins, and database kept for a month.

Cloud backups of your whole site kept for ninety days.

Backup schedule per plan:

  • Sprout – Daily
  • Shrub – 2 x Day
  • Oak – Every hour

Site Audit:

  • Check for unnecessary/redundant themes, plugins, and settings
  • Database optimization
  • Server software versions
  • General site security
  • Site speed audit
  • Optimal WordPress configuration

Site audit per plan:

  • Sprout – Done once when initially configuring site. Site speed audit will only include suggestions
  • Shrub – Annual site audit
  • Oak – Monthly site audit

Just for Shrub and Oak plans:

Speed Optimization:

Content Delivery Network: With many servers across the world caching your content, your site is delivered to visitors much faster than if it was served from a single host.

Database Cleanup: A WordPress database can start to get bogged down with extra data if not configured properly. Deleted plugins, old post revisions and other factors can slow down your database’s performance.


  • Premium caching plugin configured.
  • Lazy load images. Images are only downloaded when they enter the screen view. This saves substantial time with loading and conserves data for mobile devices.
  • Optimize file loading (JavaScript, CSS, fonts, etc.). Will load files in a better, more efficient, manner. Allowing the site to be quicker to load and show content faster.

Image Optimization: Images will be compressed and sized optimally to keep your site looking good and server humming along. After initial approval, this will all be done automatically.

Performance Monitoring:

Weekly (Shrub) or daily (Oak) performance monitoring give you insight into what’s happening with your website and how it’s performing. If there is a noticeable decrease in performance, steps can be taken to find out what made the change happen.

All WordPress Updates:

WordPress Core, themes and plugins are kept up to date. Updates are ran on a weekly basis and the site is tested for functionality.

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