WordPress maintenance and support for those who care.

WordPress services supporting the positive change we want to see in the 🌎

I’ll configure your WordPress site to be secure, fast and up to date; so you can have more time to focus on what you do best!

Whether you run a large organization or a small blog, let’s protect nature’s diversity, build community awareness, support sustainability through collaboration, or however you do you 😉.

Let me handle the technical parts of your website:

WordPress Site Migration

Fast and secure hosting option for your site. If your current hosting provider is slow or overly expensive, I can take care of transferring and configuring WordPress on a new host so you can start enjoying the benefits of a solid server stack.

Hardened Security

Keep WordPress and your site’s reputation secure. Several layers of security are implemented that make a would be hacker’s access nearly impossible.

Speed Optimization

Decrease your site’s load time and ensure nothing is slowing WordPress down unnecessarily. This will keep you, your visitors, and search engines happy.

Automated Cloud Backups

Having several backups of your site will give you peace of mind. Should something break or your site get hacked, there will be thirty days worth of backups on the cloud ready to bring it back to life.

Scheduled Updates

WordPress Core, themes and plugins are kept up to date and working as intended. No more white screens of death or having second thoughts about hitting that update button.


I’ll handle tasks taking thirty minutes or less quickly and professionally.
TechieTasks include things like:

Troubleshooting, configuration changes, edits to your theme, adding/removing plugins, third-party integrations, etc.

Take care of your site’s content, I’ll handle the rest…

Spending more time/resources than you’d like updating WordPress and plugins?

Are pages loading as fast as they could be?

Found a good balance between image compression/quality?

Do you have backups off site in case something breaks or you get hacked?

You have audited your website’s security, right?

If thinking of maintaining WordPress in top shape makes you cringe, then we should talk. After subscribing to one of my WordPress maintenance plans, you’ll finally be free to spend time on the things you do best.