A sustainability warrior with a knack for technology

I’ve been thriving in the eco-world for many years, helping plant gardens, bee keeping, teaching about (and installing) water harvesting systems, all while incorporating as many sustainability principles into my life as possible.

Been working with computers for even longer. It started when I got my first computer with a shiny new version of Windows 95. My interest on all things internet quickly escalated to, among other things, setting up web and email servers from scratch. Then in 2008 I switched gears and started using, and fell in love with, WordPress. I like it because it’s a great tool to, as the WordPress community puts it, “democratize publishing”.

While attending conferences (or informal events), I would often have conversations with my eco-peers about their sustainable enterprises, often noting how they struggled with the technological side of keeping their websites running smoothly. After enough of these interactions, I started tapping into my techie skills to help maintain these organizations’ websites and that’s how EcoTechie was born…

The Eco:

Speaker/educator with Greywater Action

Permaculture certified designer

Certified water harvester

Bee keeper



The Techie:

WordPress core contributor

WordCamp conference speaker

WordPress plugin developer

Open Source contributor

Web developer